Friday, June 13, 2014 far......

So, um, hi! I haven't written since...ah....before Christmas.  I knew it had been a while, but I really did not realize it had been that long!! So much has happened since then.  It has been our busiest year yet! The girls have been able to be involved in more things this year since Jeromy has been working 3rd shift (meaning we have the van to take the girls to practices, etc.) Here is our year so far:

We took the girls to see Frozen, their 1st movie in a theatre EVER!
We celebrated my parent's birthdays.....

and their anniversary.
For Valentine's the girls made homemade chocolates, cardstock boxes to put them in, and perler bead picture frames for their teachers.
And we spent the weekend crafting, baking, and playing with friends.
 The girls set up their leprechaun traps with Daddy for St. Patrick' s Day.
For Easter the girls went to "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny",  
two egg hunts. one at the fire department, and one at a friend's house,

and of course the Easter bunny came and hid their baskets and eggs so I guess they had three egg hunts! This year we gave them light up hula hoops and their grandparents gave them more chapter books and a sand art set. :)
The girls have been taking swim lessons and they came a long way this year. I think having goggles this time really made the difference.
Our oldest tried out for the school play and got to be part of the chorus. She was super excited as it was her 1st play!

Both girls were able to join AWANAs this year which was great.  The people that run it are wonderful! There were always awesome theme nights for them to participate in. They even won the contest to see who could wear the most layers.  They both put on, I think, 23 layers of clothing!!! We had to help them get into the car that night.
They've also been really busy with school stuff this year. A LOT of homework (especially for the oldest) and there have been a lot of theme weeks where they have twin day and western day etc. (She's not smiley in this pic, but she was really excited to be wearing her sister's hat!)
Some of the school events we have gone to are:

The Father Daughter Dance
The All About Me Art Festival

The Littlest's 1st Concert

and we just celebrated the Oldest's birthday in class last week! She wanted us to bring in chocolate chip cookies and hugs.
Now that swimming is over the girls are playing softball and t-ball for the 1st time. They are having a pretty good time so far but they're still iffy on whether or not they'd like to play next year.  So we'll see how the rest of the season goes!
Well that's pretty much it besides random visits, fires,and sleepovers with family and friends!
 I'll try to make my next post sooner than I did this one!!! Off to go play with the kids.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Christmas Coloring Book Printables!!!!!

This morning I finally got around to doing something I have been putting off for a couple of years now.  I copied pictures from my old Christmas coloring book!  I have wanted to do this to preserve the pictures that are left.  That way I can print them out again and again for my little ones (and so can all of you!) It is a book I have treasured since I received it as a Santa gift many years ago.  I love the fact that the pictures are all printed out in red and green ink, and I love the old style illustrations and the simple feel of the craft projects. A lot of the pages were already colored on, ripped out etc.  A lot of the activities already done by me (when I was very VERY young!) and some by my children. However I was able to salvage quite a few craft and activity pages. I started scanning them in, but it wasn't working out too well, so I decided to take pictures of the pages.  I think they turned out well and I hope you and your loved ones will enjoy them! Maybe some of you will even remember some of the images from when you were little?  If so I'd love to hear about it! Merry Christmas!


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