Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School and other things

Well it's official. BOTH of my kids are in school now, and I just can't believe it!  They both had great first days.  They love ALL their teachers, bus drivers, etc. so things are good.  They were both nervous about their first day, especially my littlest.  She said she was excited about going, but she didn't want to go without me.  I had come across a few good ideas, like sending your child in with a little felt heart that they can put in their pocket, or a family picture etc. However, I know my children, and they would definately drop or misplace something like that, potentially resulting in a meltdown. Sooooo, I made them little flowers for their backpacks and sewed them on.

My oldest wanted some sort of decoration for her backpack anyways, and I thought this would be perfect.  I used the pattern from Mollie Makes, but changed the size, and added more in the middle.

I used a mixture of school glue and glitter glue diluted with water on the felt before hand, to give it some sparkle and more stability.

Then I added some ribbon, and sewed it already on the backpack loop, and added a cute little button.  I suppose the idea of sewing it on isn't for everyone, but unless someone cuts it, they are not coming off, so I don't have to worry about the kids getting upset.  You could also make the ribbon shorter and sew it onto a keyring for a gift.

The girls were so surprised and absolutely loved them!  When they came home, both of them said that when they looked at the flowers, they thought of me and they weren't so lonely. Mission accomplished!

They seem to like all the things I have made for them, better than the store bought stuff still. Especially my oldest.  I hope that as they get older, they will still share my love of homemade...

Only time will tell.


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