Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Works in Progress

When you walk into our home (as some of you already know)  you'll see a happy mess, rambunctious girls, plants, and a lot of different projects randomly throughout the rooms. Something being knitted here, an embroidery there, something growing near a window, and a continuous flow of drawings and other works of art.  It has been very chilly and rainy here lately, and the girls have been looking for different things to do.  Little one asked me if I would teach her how to knit again, and littlest one asked if I would teach her to "loom" and I eventually figured out she meant weave. After trying to convince little one to finish her work on her peg loom, or even just carefully take it off the loom so her younger sister could use it, I finally decided to make a loom out of cardboard for littlest.  They both did very well, and have really taken to their new crafts! I am happy to see random knitting around the house now that isn't MINE!!  It just warms my heart!


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