Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sickness and Healing

All of us but my oldest are sick with colds. Jeromy even stayed home from school today. They've all been snuggling around the living room watching She-ra and playing games.  I've been going through stuff, folding/hanging laundry, and doing dishes when I can, and napping when I cannot. Really rainy out today, and I feel pretty terrible, but I'm smiling! I don't know when it happened exactly, but I just feel like my eyes are finally open, like completely open for the first time in my life.  I am happy quite often, and always thankful for what I'm given..... even if what I'm given is a cold, and a rainy day! There are so many other things to be happy about, that it's okay. I am in love with my family, in love with my life, and I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I am an honest, caring, and loving person who always tries my best.  I guess I'm finally comfortable in my own skin, and done with letting others' abuse and rudeness dictate how I feel about myself.  I wish I knew what changed, or what happened so I could tell other people who feel like I used to feel. Whatever it was, I am truly glad! Have a great night!



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today's To-Do List

Happy Sunday!  I have a specific set of goals in mind for this lovely day that I am going to share with you!

1. Hang up rest of clean laundry.
2. Finish washing mountain of dishes.
3. Call my mom. (I do that every day!)
4. Start on making little one's birthday gifts.
5. Clean all closets out.
6. Take donations bags out to van after I have completely cleaned out EVERYTHING we don't need, have outgrown, makes us unhappy, etc.
7. Color with kids. (I do that every day too!)
8. Make beds.
9. Wash windows.
10. Make a nice dinner and possibly dessert (it is Sunday after all)
11. Go for a walk if the weather holds.
12. Cut pieces for the girls' quilts.
13. Get dryer out of here if I can find someone to help us lift it.
14. Re-do end table.
15. Paint old dresser.
16. Vacuum and mop all floors.
17. Be thankful.

To be honest though, take the highlighted ones, and add a dash of hugs, kisses, and relaxation, and that'll end up being what my Sunday looks like......and that's just fine with me!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Another wonderful day. Homeschool and chores in the morning. A nice lunch with the kids.  Then out to enjoy the sunshine!  It gets so hot out on our little patio, it feels like summer.  The girls play in their sandbox, ride on their scooters and shout out "Watch this mommy!" and "Did you see that mommy?!"  I stand there, coffee in hand, and watch them in awe.  Can this really be my life?  How did I get to be so incredibly lucky?! We played crazy 8's, and colored the rest of the afternoon before their father took them to karate.  Me, and my amazing girls.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Un-poppable Bubbles, Sand, and Christmas in April

Great weekend! My parents came out and brought the girls their sandbox, along with some new sand and sand toys. They also brought homemade chocolate chip cookies, and construction paper and staples for the little artists, so they were super excited! The kids and I made cupcakes for them before they got here, and I made crock pot beef stew and biscuits for dinner which was nice since we haven't had it in a while. The girls drew with Grandma, and watched Powerpuff girls (their new favorite cartoon) with Grandpa. We tried making un-poppable bubbles. I saw this picture on Facebook:
(I can't find where the picture originally came from)  While I didn't believe the bubbles would be un-poppable, I did think they might make some nice big bubbles, so we gave it a try. Although we all had a good time, I wasn't that thrilled with this recipe.  We followed it exactly, and the bubbles were just regular bubbles.  The ones that started getting big popped right before they made it off the bubble wands. I will say that we had better results Sunday.  Maybe it's better if you let the bubble solution sit overnight?! I don't know. If any of you try this recipe and have better luck, or know of a better recipe, please let me know!
The girls were surprised Sunday when I told them Aunt Kim was coming over.  We had Christmas in April since the girls have not seen her since the littlest's birthday!!! We live so far from each other now, and Kim has started her own business this year so we don't get together as much as we used to. Needless to say the girls were very excited.  They opened their gifts, and we took Kim to the Lego store since she's Lego crazy! We had a cook out, played with bubbles, watched more Powerpuff girls, and Kim helped the littlest rollerskate.  All in all a fantastic weekend!  So thankful for the nice weather!!


Friday, April 5, 2013

A beautiful evening

We went looking for a new playground to play on and Jeromy found this one.  It was beautiful. We stayed until the sun was about to set....

Thursday, April 4, 2013


It was a gorgeous day! We woke to find the Easter bunny had indeed visited our home!  The girls enjoyed their gifts. I made Amish Puzzle Balls for them out of this book:
http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/item/3287-Stewart-Tabori-Chang-Last-Minute-Patchwork-Quilted-Gifts (Time consuming but fun project and I would definately recommend the book as it is one of my absolute favorites!)
We had a quick breakfast, and started out for Grandma and Grandpa's.  We had a lovely holiday with everyone there. We decorated eggs, played games, watched an Easter show, decorated the windows, exchanged gifts and had a fabulous dinner! The girls played on their swing set (which they haven't done in quite a while!) They brought their photo albums over so they could print out some pictures with Grandpa. We all haven't been able to see each other for quite some time, so it was a wonderful treat being able to see everyone!! It really made the girls' Easter special!! Also, when we left that night, they sent us home with a whole TOTE full of homemade food that they had been preparing for our freezer the day before!!!! Homemade muffins (Double Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry, the girls' faves!) and 2 lasagnas (my fave!) plus leftovers from Easter dinner and all the homemade and store bought candy we got for Easter!  They seriously save us like this and we don't know what we would do with out them!!!! We are so blessed! <3
Grandma M. wasn't able to join us on Sunday, so she took us out for lunch on Tuesday.  We went to Friendly's, and the girls and I had never been there before so that was fun.  We all really loved eveything we ordered, and will definately be going there in the future! We went back to Grandma M.'s house and visited there for a bit, played some Wii, catch, and the girls got to feed and pet her guinea pigs. We love visiting with her! She is one of the nicest people I know, and we are all so very lucky to have her in our lives!
I hope everyone else had as wonderful of a holiday as we did. Much love to you all!

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