Monday, April 8, 2013

Un-poppable Bubbles, Sand, and Christmas in April

Great weekend! My parents came out and brought the girls their sandbox, along with some new sand and sand toys. They also brought homemade chocolate chip cookies, and construction paper and staples for the little artists, so they were super excited! The kids and I made cupcakes for them before they got here, and I made crock pot beef stew and biscuits for dinner which was nice since we haven't had it in a while. The girls drew with Grandma, and watched Powerpuff girls (their new favorite cartoon) with Grandpa. We tried making un-poppable bubbles. I saw this picture on Facebook:
(I can't find where the picture originally came from)  While I didn't believe the bubbles would be un-poppable, I did think they might make some nice big bubbles, so we gave it a try. Although we all had a good time, I wasn't that thrilled with this recipe.  We followed it exactly, and the bubbles were just regular bubbles.  The ones that started getting big popped right before they made it off the bubble wands. I will say that we had better results Sunday.  Maybe it's better if you let the bubble solution sit overnight?! I don't know. If any of you try this recipe and have better luck, or know of a better recipe, please let me know!
The girls were surprised Sunday when I told them Aunt Kim was coming over.  We had Christmas in April since the girls have not seen her since the littlest's birthday!!! We live so far from each other now, and Kim has started her own business this year so we don't get together as much as we used to. Needless to say the girls were very excited.  They opened their gifts, and we took Kim to the Lego store since she's Lego crazy! We had a cook out, played with bubbles, watched more Powerpuff girls, and Kim helped the littlest rollerskate.  All in all a fantastic weekend!  So thankful for the nice weather!!


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