Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Promotions, Indoor Campouts, and Chocolate Cake

We had a nice week.  Karate promotions, frosty's at Wendy's, playing in the snow, painting, crafts, etc. The girls received valentines in the mail from their grandparents and the cards were stuffed with stickers! We made a cake from scratch and the girls decided they wanted to put candles on it.  "What should we celebrate?" I asked them.  After a while, we all decided that we would celebrate our family.  We each chose a candle that represented us, and placed it at one of the corners of the cake.  That night we each took turns making a wish for our family and blowing out our own candle. It was beautiful. Have a wonderful week!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's, a day of surprises!  We surprised the little ones with their gifts before Jeromy had to go to school.  I finally finished the elephant stuffies for the girls so we gave them those, and a couple of roses and heart shaped boxes of chocolate. They were surprized when I told them we were going to be baking strawberry cupcakes. I also made them some scottish shortbreads (tinted red and heart shaped) but I don't know how surprising that was since it's kind of become a tradition! We had a heart shaped lunch. Then the girls came over and all of them had a great time decorating cupcakes, coloring valentines, watching Clifford's Valentine, and playing all sots of games!  I had a wonderful talk with my mother. Jeromy came home. We had a nice dinner, and watched the Charlie Brown Valentine special and snuggled.  I'm so thankful for my wonderful little family and all the people that my girls love who love them back. We all had a very nice day, and hope everyone else did as well!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Weekend


We had a nice weekend. We played in the snow, did some baking, and had a couple of "art classes" that my oldest taught. We had a tea party, finished a couple of gifts, and did some puzzles. Lots of reading happened, and I set up a scavenger hunt as a surprise for the girls while they were at karate. I so love cozy weekends with my family! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

So we received the most fantastic Christmas present from my parents and we've been itching to use it. Today, we finally got the chance to go to Stong Museum of Play! We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming here many more times this year (since we have a year membership!)  Today they were celebrating Clifford the Big Red Dog's 50th birthday. The girls got to meet Clifford, sign his big birthday card, listen to a story, and make red dog ears to wear around. They had ice cream for lunch. They put on a play which consisted of about 15 minutes of dress-up and rehearsal, and them coming out from behind the curtain, running around, and going backstage. We had fun riding the merry-go-round. There was also a pretty sweet Lego exhibit, although I think Jeromy and I were more excited about that than the girls were. All in all a lovely day enjoyed with my family. <3


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