Friday, February 1, 2013

Our day.

I started out the day falling down our stairs. :(  However, the rest of our day went well. Busy as usual. I worked on the quilt all morning while the girls worked on their lessons. I watched my cousin's kids again and that's always fun.  The girls always have a great time together!  I made little hair things for all of them. They danced to Kidz Bop and spun around the living room laughing.  We all watched "Return to Neverland" cause the littlest wanted to know what happens next (we had watched Peter Pan yesterday) My cousin brought us a pizza for dinner! Thank you Becky!! So we had a nice dinner tonight.  Showers, stories, snuggles, foot rubs. When I was tucking my little ones in tonight, they asked me if I believe that Peter Pan could exist.  I told them yes. Then they asked me if I thought Tinkerbell could exist, and I said, "Sure, why not?" They told me that they both believed in both of them, but that when they asked Daddy, he said he wasn't sure. So I said "Well, Daddy's an adult, so maybe he doesn't, but can I tell you a secret?" "Yes! Tell us! Tell us!" they yelled.  I whispered "I never grew up!" "You're just kidding Mom!" my youngest yelled but they both were laughing. The littlest set up a spot for Tinkerbell on her nightstand in case she comes tonight. I am so thankful for my little family, and these little moments. Little moments that are the biggest and most precious times of my life.



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