Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's, a day of surprises!  We surprised the little ones with their gifts before Jeromy had to go to school.  I finally finished the elephant stuffies for the girls so we gave them those, and a couple of roses and heart shaped boxes of chocolate. They were surprized when I told them we were going to be baking strawberry cupcakes. I also made them some scottish shortbreads (tinted red and heart shaped) but I don't know how surprising that was since it's kind of become a tradition! We had a heart shaped lunch. Then the girls came over and all of them had a great time decorating cupcakes, coloring valentines, watching Clifford's Valentine, and playing all sots of games!  I had a wonderful talk with my mother. Jeromy came home. We had a nice dinner, and watched the Charlie Brown Valentine special and snuggled.  I'm so thankful for my wonderful little family and all the people that my girls love who love them back. We all had a very nice day, and hope everyone else did as well!

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