Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I don't really think much of Valentine's Day.  I think that the sentiment is nice, however I don't really think a special holiday to let people know you love them is really necessary. Shouldn't you show one another every day?  With that being said, my children think that every holiday (even Valentine's) is wonderful.  So of course, J and I make sure to make it special for them.  This year, both of the girls were old enough to go to the father daughter dance.

It was the littlest's first dance so we got a "grown up" necklace for her, like we had for her sister.  She was so excited!

We spent the weekend together.  The girls went outside to play, had hot cocoa, and I ended up reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory to them.  I thought we would start it, but they wanted me to keep going, and we ended up finishing it!

This morning they woke up to heart shaped baskets with little trinkets in them, and boxes of chocolate, which they were super excited about. They were more excited about giving out the valentines gifts that they had made though.

C sewed a pillow for her dad all by herself that she was really proud of, and A made a pic for her sis out of felt and buttons and she was so happy she was finally able to give it to her today.

They came home with a ton of candy from their class parties, and while they were at school, I made them the Scottish shortbreads that they love.  I think we are pretty stocked for sweets....and I think that we all had a very nice day, and hope all of our family and friends did as well!


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