Monday, August 1, 2011

Kim's Pillow

Here's a wonderful pillow that I made called Kim's Pillow.

Very orange. Very cute.  Here's how I made it!

First, go check out your fabric stash, and pick out which color(s) you want to use.   I chose about 8 different shades of orange. Then you have to make a bunch of 1 inch hexagons. Make as many as you would like, depending on how large you would like the pillow to be.  If you've never done english paper piecing, here's a great tutorial on how to make the hexies :

and if you don't have a hexagon pattern, here's a wonderful printout from :

Ok! By now you have all your hexies made. Next you will need to stitch them all together if you haven't already.  I didn't make a pattern with mine, I just made sure that none of the hexies with the same fabric were next to each other.

Even up the edges, pick out a fabric for the back of the pillow, and cut it at least an inch biggger than the topper. You're going to be embroidering the back, so if you want to use a hoop, make it even bigger!  Choose the colors of embroidery floss you would like to use.  I chose 3 different shades of orange DMC floss, numbers 742, 946, and 3340. Then, start stitching!

You can embroider whatever you wish.  A design, a saying, etc.  I embroidered an uneven running stitch, and freehanded it for a more organic look.  When you are done embroidering the back, pin the front and the back facing each other, and sew around the edges, leaving about a 2 inch opening

invert, stuff, use an invisible stitch to stitch up the opening, and you're done!

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