Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafting, and birthday what-nots

I've been super busy lately with the usual house, kids, family stuff.  However, I've also been embroidering like a mad woman, trying to get birthday presents for certain special people done on time. I'll write more about them and post more pics when they are completed, but for now here are some sneak peaks.


This last one is a toy that I'm making for my little one.  It's embroidered from a pattern out of a wonderful e-mail magazine I receive called Teapot.  If you are interested, go check it out here http://melissagoodsell.typepad.com/day_to_day/teapot.html.  It has all sorts of crafty goodness, and the ladies that write it also have amazing blogs that you should really check out!  Well, I'm off to stitch!


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