Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning, and summer crafts.

Cleaning today, making a lot of progress (I think!)  Hoping to get some sewing in later, after all the scrubbing and organizing.  The kids and I made some 4th of July pinecones the other day:

and of course they want to keep them out for a while! So I told them we could keep them out until the end of the week.  By then, we most likely will have made a craft to take it's place. 
So far this summer we have made the festive pinecones, plastic bag parachutes for their Rapunzel's that they launched from upstairs at G&G's:

 "Slime" for the girls to play with. It's goopy, and messy, but oh so fun for the kiddos!

Stand-up fairy cards in the girls fave colors.

Jewelry with pony beads and crochet string

and some glow-in-the dark bead jewelry that they wore to fireworks.

Wonder what we're going to make tomorrow?


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