Thursday, July 21, 2011

Homemade is AWESOME!

I have gotten so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts in my life, but nothing touches my heart more, than something handmade. Whether it's a hand drawn card, a quilt, a thoughtfully crosstitched picture, or macaroni jewelry, it's all a beautiful work of art. Something someone cared enough to put time and effort into, for me, or my family. All of it means so much, and today I thought I would share some pictures of some handmade gifts, that I think are fabulous!

A crosstitch that my mom made for my eldest daughter. I am absolutely in love with it! She made one in purple for my youngest, and has made some for my cousin's girls as well.  It's such a beautiful pattern.  I love the frame that it's in too, I think my dad does a great job framing all of my mom's pieces!

A doll blanket from my grandfather.  He's the one that taught me how to knit. He and my grandmother would do practice swatches to get used to a pattern before they made a whole blanket, and I got a new doll blanket.  Makes me smile and think of them both everytime I see my girls wrap it around one of their dolls.

These are my girls' first attempts at needlepoint on plastic canvas.  I think they are great, and I love that they came up with their own ideas, like adding the jewel stickers to them.

 Beautiful quilts that their Grandma Jan made for them. This one was before C was born.

This was for after she was born and we knew it was a girl! (we let it be a surprise with both)

This was for my youngest, after she was born. The picture doesn't do it's absolutely amazing, the attention to detail, the quilted horses!  Love it!

A baby blanket I got from my Aunt Bonnie at my baby shower. I've put away most of our baby blankets but not this one.  I couldn't, it's just so beautiful!

A doll that C's Grandma M made for her. So adorable, she plays with it almost everyday!  She made the cutest little red woolen outfit for it as well that'll I have to take a picture of next time she puts it on her.

The most coveted blanket in the house, also made by my wonderful mother-in-law!

And a pillow I've had for almost my whole life. My mother made it for me and it's been on my bed, everywhere I've ever lived.

Thanks to all the wonderful people out there who make homemade, and who appreciate homemade!



  1. Kelly, these pieces are fantastic! I absolutely love the quilts. They remind me of all the homemade gifts I've received over the years.

  2. :)Thanks Alisia, I think so too! What gifts have you gotten? Do you have a favorite?


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