Monday, April 16, 2012

Some other things that I've made

One of my friends mentioned the other day that I didn't have very many pics on here of all the projects I've worked on.  I guess I never put them on here because a lot of them were done before I started this blog. are some pics.  :)

Love Quote quilt that I made for J.

 Container for the kids play felt cookies, out of felt, glue, and an Ovaltine container.

 Large pompom balls.  We play catch, dodge pompom, etc. Very soft, and kid friendly!

 Hexie table runner for my mom for mother's day.

 Don't really know what to call a happy knitting accident that ended up as a knitted slip cover over an ovaltine container that my kids use for all sorts of stuff.


 My oldest daughter's doll, with new hair and a new outfit.  I made the skirt out of the leg of a pair of baby jeans.

 Fortune cookies for A-bomb's b-day. She loves them!

 Pat-a-cake cake that I designed to go with my daughter's outfit for the nursery rhyme parade at school.

 Flower embellishment on little one's shirt.

Fly Guy costume for book day at school out of a brown shirt, white felt, black thread, a hair band, and black pipe cleaner.

Totoro linen stuffies for my daughter's birthday.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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