Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magnetic Vintage Paper Dolls Tutorial

I used to make decorative magnets when I was younger, out of those magnets that businesses would hand out.  I'd peel off the top, put my own stickers or images on, cut around, and top with some sealant, like Mod Podge. So when I came across these vintage paperdoll images online,

I thought "How cool would it be to do the same thing!?"  No business card magnets would be big enough, so my online quest for magnetic sheeting had begun.  I was also concerned that the magnets might not stick to each other well with the layer of sealant, when I came across this:

Now to you that were already 'in the know', this discovery might not be such a big deal.  However, I was quite surprised that they made such a thing.  Jeromy's always telling the kids they shouldn't have magnets near the computer. So, although skeptical, I asked him to pick some up for me. If they did work, it would certainly save me a couple of steps, and make the sealant unnecessary. They are around $12.00 at OfficeMax, have 5 sheets in a package, and are completely worth every penny!

Put the sheet in the printer, set to print on Specialty Paper.  When it started coming through, I had to hold up the end of it a little so it didn't bunch up.

Now you have your print outs. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut around all the pieces.  I used a pair of embroidery scissors, because they are small, sharp, and precise.

They weren't as strong magnetically, as I had thought they would be, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  They stick to each other perfectly on a magnetic surface, but NOT AT ALL when they are put away, so you can easily store them without having to worry about peeling them apart all the time! :)

Aren't they great?! My girls are going to love them! I chose to use all 5 sheets on Betsy McCall print outs, because there are a lot of clothing options. Also there are 2 girls; one blonde, one brunette, and the clothes fit them both the same. I made a set for each of my girl's birthdays. There are Betsy McCall holiday dolls and outfits, so I'll make those for the girls for Halloween, Christmas etc.

There were so many different doll choices on just that site alone. Plus other websites I came across. You could even scan in images of old paper dolls if you have any, or create your own from portraits of your kids, or pictures that you draw. The possibilities are endless! 

Happy crafting!

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