Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunburns and Baskets

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  Set up kiddie pool on the deck, went to our friend's house for a fun filled afternoon and bbq, and had some MUCH needed family time.

After our busy awesome weekend however, our apartment looked like the aftermath of a massive storm. Plus, I always have a lot of organizing to do, as our place is small.

So that's pretty much all I did yesterday. The girls were up bright and early playing cards before school, and after they got on their buses I got to work! Besides my usual dishes/laundry/cleaning etc., I also went through a bunch of stuff and ORGANIZED!

The tops of my cupboards are no longer a mess.  Yay for sorta matching baskets!

I re-purposed an old belt organizer, so I am no longer searching in the drawer for the right measuring spoon!  (above it on my spice rack is a cute lil garland C made for me)

I re-organized the girls play kitchen and dress-up things, using things we already had around the house.  I think it will be a lot easier for them to pick up now, as everything has a designated drawer. (This doesn't mean that they will though. We will see!)

I went through their clothes and got another bag together to donate.  Everyone says I should sell them on the garage sale sites, and financially, I know they're right.  I just can't though.  So many people have helped us out, buying the kids clothes for birthdays, or giving us their gently used items, that I'd rather do the same.

I am STUCK with a bunch of stuffies with no place to go yet. (these aren't even half!!)  We put up some Droog straps a few years back, and they worked well for a while.  We have sooooo many now though, and not a lot of room.  I'm thinking about making some of those bean bag chairs, and then filling them with the stuffies instead of beans. A lot of people have had good luck with that but I just keep wondering how comfy they would really be?  Maybe if I made quilted beanbags?  I just don't know!  If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure love to hear 'em!

I've saved any piece of the girls clothing that was sentimental, since they were born. (I have quite a few bags, as you can imagine!)  I've always said that I would use them to make each girl a quilt, probably when they were 10. Well.....I changed my mind. Even though I've been scared to, I'm making myself do it.  I'm FINALLY going to start cutting pieces today.  Depending how quickly I progress (since I have a million other projects going), I may end up giving them both the quilts for Christmas this year.  That's the new goal anyways!  Wish me luck :)

Smile always!


  1. I loved the baskets!!! The animal shelter is always looking for donations of stuffed animals if u want to get rid of them :)

  2. Thanks! Not sure if I'd be allowed to donate the stuffies (the girls are quite attatched to everything!) but thanks for the heads up :)


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