Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great week

It's been a pretty great week.  We started out the week with a  'Kids day' at my friend Julie's and the girls had a blast!  They're really awesome people, so we always enjoy our time over there.

All the girls painted wooden picture frames, and then got their pic taken together.  Jewel's printed them up to put in the frames.  Such a cute idea!

The girls played on a trampolene for the first time. All of the adults were cracking up at the static fros.

Also this week, we made some jewelry,

played with new sand and sand toys,

and enjoyed butter tarts for my parents anniversary! (my mom makes THE best!)

Last but not least, my littlest one went to the bike rodeo at school yesterday, and had a lot of fun!

She ate cotton candy, got her face painted, and got a chance to sport that awesome bike helmet of hers. Since C was still sick, she stayed home with me, and we crafted, watched cartoons, and had popsicles.
Going to have a cookout today.  Happy Sunday!


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