Friday, June 1, 2012

A long weekend

Wow, I was going to write sooner than this. The week has gotten away from me! We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend together. Started out going to the school to see C babe sing on Thursday. There isn't really a pic of her singing because I took a video, but here's one of her right after fixing her hair and looking pleased with herself! (I think she was actually more relieved than anything) They sang the garden song, and it was just beautiful. I started crying (hopefully no one saw me!) and it made me think of my grandmother. She would always cry at functions, and when reading her birthday cards.  As I get older, I realize I'm the same. Things mean so much more.  I pretend to read my birthday cards now, and really don't actually read them until I'm by myself.

Anyways, after that we took the girls to Mickey D's for some surprise milkshakes, and stopped at a couple of playgrounds after.  The girls ran into some of their friends, so that was cool.

The next couple of days we painted,

had sun lunches,

and had a cookout and fire with some amazing people!

For the rest of the weekend we did some baking,

had more cookouts/smores/outside fun with family,

took funny pics,

and the girls planted flowers with their grandparents.

This's raining.  We'll probably read some of the girl's new books, maybe play with some playdoh, do some crafting, etc.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


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