Friday, June 8, 2012

Mama's got a brand new bag...

I stayed up late last night finishing this cute 'vintagey' bag, and I love it!  I used the pattern from  I wasn't sure what fabrics to use for it, but then I remembered these really sweet vintage scraps that I got a while ago from here:  I got a bundle of small scraps so some of the pieces weren't big enough for my pattern pieces. I ended up piecing them together and I think it added to the vintage look.

It has a small inside pocket, and a larger pocket on the front.

A lot of you sewers have probably already done this many times, but I had never made a button hole before.  It turned out well (thank goodness!) I couldn't decide what button to use, so I asked my mom since she has such a good eye for this kinda stuff, and she picked this one outta my stash. I love that it's the same shade of green that's on the fabric, and that the flower was where it was on the bag (that wasn't planned!) So it looks like the leaf is part of the flower :)

So since I finished it last night, I got to use it today when we went to the "Horse Show" at school.

There's my lil cutie in her fave shirt...again. :)  They made hobbie horses at school and named them and everything.  Gosh, some of the names the kids just amazes me how creative kids can be!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish I was this crafty!


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