Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lately, at our house....

The kids have been sewing bears all by themselves, getting "mermatized" (turned into mermaids), baking scottish shortbreads, setting leprechaun traps about the house and all other kinds of shenanigans. The girls made their own St. Patrick's Day lunches and YES that is dry Lucky Charms and pickles on their plates! We've been decorating for Easter, watching Easter shows, and coloring a lot of pictures. All of us have been playing Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.  Jeromy taught our youngest how to play chess. The girls and I got new sneakers that we all REALLY needed. This weekend we all just vegged out for the most part cause the kiddos are sick.  With all the snuggling we've been doing I'm surprised I haven't caught it yet! Off to do more sewing.  I hope I am able to finish everyone's Easter gifts!!!!

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