Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Royal Ball Weekend

I know I should have written about this sooner, but it's just been so hectic lately. A couple weekends ago we went to Strong again for their "Royal Ball Weekend".  It was crazy busy, and our day started out with a very terrible scavenger hunt in the parking lot. NEVER AGAIN!! If you want to go to the museum when an event is going on Get There When They Open! Lesson learned the hard way!!! However, after all of that we had an enjoyable time. We saw a production of Beauty and the Beast. We made new crowns and scepters.  They got their hair braided at 'Rapunzel's Hair Salon', and had target practice at Sherwood Forest.  They waited in line to meet the queen. We met all sorts of characters such as jestors and pirates and archers and knights.  The girls fave was the queen though. Mine was the lady pirate.  She talked to the girls for quite a while despite the crowd, and gave them pirate treasure, and she was just fun! We stayed until they closed so the girls would have some time to just play, and then we returned the following weekend to meet Sister Bear.  It wasn't as busy (thank goodness) and we skipped karate and arrived when they opened so we could actually get a parking spot this time! This was my favorite visit to the museum so far. We started out early and we weren't so rushed to see EVERYTHING so we had a relaxed easy visit. Spent a lot of time at the arcade which was super fun! I'm so glad we were able to go.  Well, I'm off to go stitch with the girls.  They are making bears for each other. (so cute!!)

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